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Facial Experience Enhancements

Facial Experience Enhancements

Category: Facial Services


Upgrade and customize your facial experience with one of the below selections to improve specific symptoms of the skin.

Radiance Peel     $25.00

An additional exfoliation with AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids derived from fruit} will make the skin refined, smooth, & glowing with new life.

Marine Eye Lift    $25.00

This specific treatment includes an eye zone massage to relax, drain puffiness, & smooth wrinkles, followed by an eye compress masque to deliver regenerating, firming, & soothing ingredients for total revital-eyes-ation!

Pure Pore Oxygen Detox Mask     $15.00

A self heating clay facial mask is applied to absorb pollutants, toxins and sebum from the skin as preparation for extraction. A double brush massage activates the warmth and provides soothing relaxation as the complexion detoxifies,oxygenates and brightens.

Plumping Up Smoother     $10.00

Instant repair for signs of aging, dehydration, and texture of the lips. A gentle exfoliation and skin plumping mask will make the lips supple & smooth.

Decollete Parfait     $25.00

A localized application of anti-aging serums followed by a plumping mask to target hyper-pigmentation and smooth creased skin on the delicate lower neck & chest.


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