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Body & Massage
AquaVie Custom Complete Massage
Category: Body & Massage

60 minutes     $70.00

90 minutes     $95.00

Deep Tissue    $10 extra

Your skilled massage therapist will customize the massage modality best suited for your needs and goals

(i.e. deep tissue, Swedish, etc).

Lymph Drainage Massage 60 or 90 minutes
Category: Body & Massage

60 minutes     $70.00

90 minutes     $100.00

120 minutes   $130.00

Lymph drainage massage is the signature technique at AquaVie Day Spa because of its varied health promoting benefits. Originally developed by Dr. Vedder in Denmark, this massage modality stimulates the body's natural mechanisms to eliminate toxins,while reducing edema and cellulite. The rhythmic movements of this massage also make it one of the most relaxing massage modalities available. Lymph drainage massage is also an excellent form of pre and post operative care.

Hot Stone Massage 60 or 90 minutes
Category: Body & Massage

Smooth basalt river stones are heated to a perfectly soothing temperature and used to perform a tranquilizing massage. The penetrating heat from the stones melts muscle tension away and encourages deep relaxation.

Hot Spot Thermal Compress
Category: Body & Massage
Price: $ 25.00

If you have any sore spots, tension or discomfort, the area can be pre-treated with a thermal sea-mud compress to detoxify, relax and sooth the tight muscle group prior to massage. This soothing, relaxing compress can make the positive results from your massage last days longer.

AquaVie Body Scrub Experience 30 minutes
Category: Body & Massage
Price: $ 45.00

Experience smooth, silky skin like never before with our signature ingredients or our monthly feature. Our signature Body Scrub Experience includes a hypnotic trio of lavender, cistus and helichrysum infused throughout the exfoliation and moisturizing treatment.

AquaVie Body Wrap Experience 75 minutes
Category: Body & Massage
Price: $ 90.00

Many concerns of the body can be balanced with a full body wrap. Our collection of therapeutic body masks combined with thermal therapy infuses the body with ingredients extracted from nature. The result? The cells of the body are re-educated to function properly for long lasting results. We will assist you with customizing a body wrap to address your body's needs as well as your unique preferences. Each wrap includes a customized exfoliation, a scalp massage, body mask, & final moisturizer blend. For heated body treatments you can choose to be wrapped in an infrared heated spa blanket.



Hot Spot Exfoliating Massage
Category: Body & Massage

60 or 90 minutes

This treatment combines the use of Self Heating Mud for problem zones, exfoliation for smooth skin, & Lymph Drainage Massage for a healthy, relaxed body. Hot, bubbly sea-mud is applied to the back and the feet to relieve tight muscles and detoxify the body through Reflexology zones. While the active mud does its work, the entire body is massaged with a creamy exfoliant leaving it supple and stress-free.

Thai Bolus Massage
Category: Body & Massage

60 or 90 minutes

Inspired by Thai techniques, your senses will be seduced while you obtain exquisitely silky skin. After marine oil and salt gently polish the skin, steamed, fragrant linen bundles, filled with salt crystals and lavender buds, deliver warmth throughout the massage. Inhale their hypnotic perfume as the boluses are applied to aching muscles and energy meridians. A perfect way to unwind tension zones and restore balance.

Oiligomer Spa Exfoliation and Massage Treatment
Category: Body & Massage
Price: $ 90.00

80 minutes    $90.00

This 80 minute treatment combination includes a body exfoliation and a massage.The creamy, no rinse scrub is absorbed during the exfoliation segmentto soften the skin. Massage movements incorporating 65 techniques re-energize the body and release tension. The nourishing bi-phase massage concentrate contains various marine oils to nourish and soften the skin. The aqueous phase with OligomerĀ®, is filled with minerals and trace elements. Skin is left silky soft with a fresh subtle scent of green tea, jasmine and freesia.

Acid Peel Body Treatment  60 minutes
Category: Body & Massage
Price: $ 75.00

ACID PEEL BODY TREATMENT : This double exfoliation, replenishing full body treatment by Vie Collection provides complete resurfacing of the skin to help visibly diminish the signs of skin aging and remarkably improve skin's quality. It provides an immediate rejuvenating result in a non-invasive and non-irritating treatment. First a manual Micro-D scrub is used to buff the skin to smoothness in preparation for a full body application of a creamy lactic acid body peel...