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Acid Peel Body Treatment  60 minutes

Acid Peel Body Treatment 60 minutes

Category: Body & Massage
Price: $ 75.00

ACID PEEL BODY TREATMENT : This double exfoliation, replenishing full body treatment by Vie Collection provides complete resurfacing of the skin to help visibly diminish the signs of skin aging and remarkably improve skin's quality. It provides an immediate rejuvenating result in a non-invasive and non-irritating treatment. First a manual Micro-D scrub is used to buff the skin to smoothness in preparation for a full body application of a creamy lactic acid body peel. After a brief wrap and a soothing shower, the body is anointed with a neutralizing balm and a nourishing, skin firming body moisturizer. Results are backed by scientific testing and have been shown to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and leave the skin toned and smooth.


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